Same Stuff, Different Time

by Trish Morris-Plise

This quilt was born, plain and simple, from utter frustration. As the presidency changed hands the feeling of being launched backwards in time was palpable to me. I realized that women are still struggling to be heard and respected. I remember the words Mitch McConnell hurled at Elizabeth Warren and felt it was an encompassing statement. Women were still not legitimate and deserving of respect in our government. I thought back to the Suffragettes, fighting for every inch of ground they covered in gaining rights for women. 


Here we are today still fighting for rights as women. The red hanger represents our struggle for safe and affordable women' health care. The safety pin represents safety for immigrants. We seem to have been struggling with these same issues with no real positive resolution. My hope is that we women will prevail over the discrimination thrust upon us as women in today's world.