Century of Women's Progress Quilt Challenge, 1920-2020.

Entry Photo Guidelines

Click here to download the entry photo guidelines as a printer-friendly PDF

Please submit two color photos of your entry, one of the whole quilt and one of a 6x6-inch part of the quilt. These pictures will be used to jury the submissions, and may be used for display in the online gallery, if your quilt is selected. You may submit professional photos or take your own, following the instructions below. Maximum photo file size for this challenge is 10M.


Your Camera

Photos must be saved as high-quality JPG files (resolution of 300-400 dpi) in the default RBG color mode. The resulting files will be about 2MB - 6 MB, depending on the camera. A camera that is at least four MegaPixels is capable of an acceptable picture. Even inexpensive cameras and smart phones are 12 MegaPixels these days, so cameras a few years older can probably produce the required pictures.


Taking Good Pictures

The photos should show your quilt just as it looks – the actual colors, even lighting, and with a “frame” of black, white, or off-white cloth so it looks as if it is floating in space.

To take an entry photo of your quilt, these are important:

  1. Use a solid-color black, white, or off-white background cloth behind the quilt that shows at least three inches all the way around. The background should be a color distinct from the quilt edges.

  2. Lay or hang the quilt flat. Laying the quilt is preferred to make the quilt as flat as possible, though it can be harder to take a head-on picture.

  3. Position the camera head-on to the quilt, making it appear as “square” as possible; avoid one end looking wider than the other.

  4. Put a small tag that says “Top” in the upper part of the border, at least two inches away from the quilt edge.

  5. Use even lighting.

  6. Use lighting in the daylight range (5000 K).

You can take really good photos with some inexpensive extras. See the detailed instructions at Holly Knott’s website, http://www.hollyknott.com/stq/index.htm.

You can take a good-enough picture without spending money. On an overcast but brightly-lit day, lay a background cloth (see #1 above) on a flat surface. Lay the quilt on the cloth so three or more inches shows all the way around. Make sure the quilt is lying flat. Do not take pictures in direct sun, or on dark days.

Sending the Pictures to Us


Please label/title the photos or JPG files:

  • LastName-FirstName-QuiltTitle-FULL – Full view

  • LastName-FirstName-QuiltTitle-DETAIL – Detail view



  1. Use the online photo entry form to upload your photographs, following the directions on the entry form.

  2. Email – If the total size of the files is more than 4MB, please email them one at a time. Include in each email: Your name, address, phone, email address, title of photos. (See entry form)

  3. Printed color photos 4x6 inches will also be accepted by mail. Write on the back of each photo: Your name, address, phone, email address, title of photo. (See entry form)

By email: info@centuryofwomensprogress.com

Or by mail: Challenge Entries c/o Richmond Museum of History, PO Box 1267, Richmond CA 94802

Click here to download the entry photo guidelines as a printer-friendly PDF