Bardach-Nancy_Woman with White Paper.jpg

Woman with White Paper

by Nancy Bardach

Original poster: Suffragettes were 'off limits' for this challenge due to dates, but this poster from that era really appealed to me. A copy is in the City of London Museum labeled "A poster advertising the weekly suffragette newspaper Votes for Women, 1909". And its popularity is attested to; it shows up and everywhere on line - posters, tee shirts, mugs, etc.

Message: Modified - updated from the original "Votes for Women" - now it suggests "Vote for Women" in the hope that they will make good political decision makers for all the reasons you can imagine.

Design: I loved the graceful silhouette of the woman, and her strong upraised arm. Her background on a lonely windy hillside makes her even more an image of leadership, freedom. So I adopted the image almost unchanged except for modernized colors and words. Using the "broken color" technique for the quilt brought back the 'woodcut print' look effectively. 

Title: What is the woman waving? What does the "white paper" refer to? Is it a report? A manifesto? A Parliamentary policy ‘white paper’? And the "Woman"... is she a standard bearer? A feminist advocate? An activist?