Girl Scouts USA

by Diane Kern

The first meeting of the Girl Scouts in America was held in Savannah Georgia in 1912. It consisted of 18 girls, gathered by founder Juliette Low. Ms Low had been inspired to start an organization similar to the Boy Scouts in Britain after meeting its founder Robert Baden Powell. Since then the Girl Scouts USA has grown to 1.8 million girls and 800,000 adults.

While its familiar traditions of selling cookies and learning outdoor skills continues, the organization has grown in its objectives. It embraces STEM (science technology engineering math) and venues for girls to learn about community service, environmental stewardship and leadership. 


Girl Scouts USA is proud to claim that it has always been a group led by women and for girls; progressing our country's girls into tomorrow's world.

The sash on this quilt is my own worn during the 60's as a junior girl scout.